The Birth of Ephemeral Dreams!

Hello, there. Well, this is my second new blog, Ephemeral Dreams, focusing on anime, manga, etc. Go to my “About” page for my introduction. I may take some time tweaking this blog until I’m satisfied with it and then start blogging. In the meantime, you can check out my other blog, Ephemeral Curiosity, which focuses on my other hobbies and lifestyle, travel and photography.  With that said, I’ll say sayonara for now!

Long overdue edit: Ephemeral Curiosity is officially dead now. The layout is horrible (I barely tried), and my photos and travel can be talked about on my Flickr photostream anyway. As for all other topics, I might as well tag them as ‘Other’ since this will become my main blog and I do not want to start another new blog to revive Ephemeral Curiosity. So, yeah.


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