Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ 01

Another new spring anime series is Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradise~. The synopsis is this:

Hideyoshino is an average girl who always seems to find trouble wherever she goes. One day when Hideyoshino visits a local shrine to pray in order to pass her upcoming test. However Hideyoshino sees a blue light coming from inside the Shrine and looks inside to find a mysterious person performing a magic spell. Hideyoshino in a stroke of bad luck trips on a small bell and crashes into the shrine prompting the stranger to catch her. However upon catching Hideyoshino the magic spell spirals out of control and sends Hideyoshino back in time to the Sengoku Era.

Hideyoshino then encounters Akechi Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga. After spending some time with Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshino agrees to help Oda Nobunaga find the Crimson Armor which is said to allow the person wearing the armor to conquer all of Japan.

Well, this synopsis just kinda seems strange. It’s basically a gender-reversal for the Sengoku-era generals, who are all now female. I decided to take a look at this series, since I particularly like history especially back in the wars of the old eras (Three Kingdoms Period, Hundred Years War, Wars of the Roses,  WWI, WWII, etc.) . Continue on to see my impressions!

Well, this series appears decent but as this is only the first episode, I have yet to see anything that would make me want to keep watching this. I’m more interested in seeing the characters modeled after the famous generals of the Sengoku Period. We have seen Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Oda Nobunaga, and Akechi Mistuhide so far (ack, somehow I feel repulsed using these names. What a disgrace to these famous names!). I am most interested in seeing the One-Eyed Dragon, Date Masamune, and also Sanada Yukimura (who I have not yet seen at all in promo or pictures. Of course I could be lazy and didn’t bother to check it out).

From left to right, Mitsuhide, Masamune, Hideyoshi, and Nobunaga.

Now onto the show. The opening and the ending are decent enough, but not very memorable. The voice actors are okay, methinks, but I don’t really have much experience with recognizing voice actors (being deaf). The animation is consistent and the backgrounds are decent enough, but they don’t seem to make much of an impression on me. For now, I’ll keep watching for any development or changes in quality.


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