Tooi Sekai ~ Other Worlds

Hello, as I was far too busy today, I haven’t been able to complete a decent blog post. So, I decided to show off a anime short that I think you will like (especially if you are a fan of Shinaki Makoto!). The short is Tooi Sekai ~ Other Worlds, created in 1992 by Shinkai Makoto.

You can intrepret it however you like; it’s definitely an unique short. My interpretation is that Tooi Sekai ~ Other Worlds shows the brief relationship of a couple, and this short leaves us to speculate about the complexity of human relationships. Also, film noir (at last, one thing I learned from college to apply to anime!) is used here, with the short in black and white. There is no dialogue and the subtle atmosphere was greatly accomplished by the use of film noir. Also, the sound is superb, invoking emotions that of romanticism, melancholy, and a sense of a distant world. The only aspects lacking are the characters; we get a glimpse of the characters and they are not fleshed out, rather we are left to wonder what will become of them. Despite this, I love this short so much as there’s a feeling of romance to it and great music as well.

Shinaki Makoto’s talents are clearly being developed at the time of this short’s making, and now he has come this far with his famous works, Voices of a Distant Star, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, and most notably, 5 Centimeters Per Second.


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