Maria+Holic Alive 01 ~ Same old.


Hello, sorry for the lack of posts lately, as I was preoccupied with college studies. I have finally been freed from all the work (about time!) and I have had time to catch up on all the new anime series for spring 2011. One of the shows that I will most likely be following is Maria+Holic Alive, the second season to Maria+Holic.


The main cast of Maria+Holic!

The cast of the characters from Maria+Holic are the same as usual, with Kanako in delusions over the girls, Mariya with his strange, but so fitting cross-dressing, Matsurika with her abusive language to everyone even her master, etc. It felt nice seeing everyone again after 2 years since Maria+Holic aired.


Mariya, the trap! (How he can look so good in that Ill never know!)

This episode was a pretty decent episode for me, as we get a reintroduction of the main cast with several personalities. But I have to admit, the redundancy of the episode compared back to season one is getting to me. I’m not sure if I will keep watching (will watch anyway since I try to complete every anime that I start to watch), but maybe it will improve later on in the second episode?


Oh, Matsurika, you would go so far as to accept a bribe?


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