Hidan no Aria 01 ~ Tsundere Aria!


Hello, a new spring series that I have taken a major interest in Hidan no Aria, or otherwise known as Aria the Scarlet Ammo. The synopsis of this new anime series is thus:

The story takes place in Tokyo Butei High School, a special school where armed detectives — “Butei” — are trained to use weapons. Kinji Tooyama is a second-year-student who has a special ability, but he keeps it a secret to maintain an ordinary, peaceful life. However, when he gets caught in a bombing on the way to school, he encounters H. Aria Kanzaki, the most powerful S-Rank Butei student in Assault Studies.


So, Hidan no Aria, what did I think about it? First thought was that the animation was nice and decent, and that the episode started off at a good place. Second thought was how Aria, the titular character, was similar to Shana from Shakugan no Shana, but in the difference that Aria wields twin guns and twin katanas. Not bad at all. Of course, I had already read some parts from the light novel series that this anime was based on, so I guess I was more interested in seeing how the J.C. Staff handle this anime adaptation. Needless to say, I was not disappointed at all. 🙂


Aria’s just so cute in her own way! Just look at her reaction to Kinji’s transformation…

So, will I be following this series? It depends on the next episode, but I have a very strong feeling that I will continue to watch this series! Especially because of the cast of the characters, some of whom have yet to appear yet.


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