Hanasaku Iroha 03 ~ Yuri Goodness!


Oh, Hanasaku Iroha! You crack me up so much! This episode just about blew away my expectations and more! That does it. I will follow this series and maybe blog it more often, but we’ll see depending on my schedule and free time. For now, my impressions follows.


Wow, she looks good. Wouldnt have expected that.

So, this episode started off with an author, Jiroumaru, tying up Ohana in a bondage way after his perverted novel was discovered by Ohana. Jiroumaru, had gone broke and is trying to write a successful sex novel to make money to pay for the hotel bills, but he has been in a big slump. Ohana came across one of his drafts, and well, things happened. Jiroumaru going further into becoming a criminal, yuri delusions, a car chase, a failed suicide, Nako diving in to rescue Jiroumaru, and a hot pot dinner at the beach. I’ve laughed a lot at the comedic situations brought about by the cast’s antics, and they were great!


Their hilarious reaction to Ohanas revelation about the yuri novel!

What got to me the most were the yuri delusions, and the reactions of the cast in this episode. How can I say this… Yuri is awesome, and I’m impressed that Jiroumaru was able to write up a story involving Ohana, Nako, and Minchi after a few days (Ohana was only at the inn for a couple day, is that right?). All the build-up with the comedic situations led up to the climax (failed suicide and rescue) and the conclusion (hot pot dinner at the beach), and I enjoyed the episode immensely. So, chalk one up for the list of shows that I will definitely follow to the end!


Spinach makes you strong, you know!



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4 responses to “Hanasaku Iroha 03 ~ Yuri Goodness!

  1. Yi

    Nako really does look good! And yes, yuri is super super awesome. ^ ^

    That fantastic scene with Nako, Minko, and Ohana… ♥♥

  2. MkMiku

    P.A. Works + Great animation + Yuri = great series.This is probably my most anticipated anime of the spring season. 🙂

    • Oh right, forgot to mention that P.A. Works is also a great animation studio! And yeah, this is my most anticipated anime of the spring season, with the second being Dog Days or Hidan no Aria. 🙂

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