Hidan no Aria 02-06 ~ I’m Back!


After taking care of numerous business such as putting stuff away into storage, last minute meetings with professors, taking a long, enjoyable first class flight (that’s right, you read it correctly, 1st class! Be jealous!), unpacking and packing for summer school in Seattle, backing up, upgrading, and restoring my laptop, and taking my first foray into the world of visual novels (more on that later), I am finally back and ready to talk about my ephemeral dreams and thoughts about anime thus far. First up is a quick review of the latest episodes of Hidan no Aria, which I have neglected for much far too long.


The first arc turned out to be quite surprising and didn’t quite make sense to me at first. I know that I mentioned in my previous post that I had already read some parts of the light novels, but I stopped reading since I didn’t want to get spoiled. That said, it was quite surprising that Riko turned out to be the villain, and that she is the descendent of Arsene Lupin, a famous fictitious gentleman thief; her full name is Riko Mine Lupin IV. And we have Kanzaki H. Aria, where the H. stands for Holmes. Do you see the relationship now? That’s right, Kanzaki H. Aria is the descendent of Sherlock Holmes, famous fictitious detective. Well, I can see where the creators are going with this kind of plot, detective versus thief, (sounds familiar? Hint: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes).



But, right now, I just can’t see Riko being the main villain in this series, since both the opening and ending still strongly hinted that Riko will become one of Kinji’s “harem” and the real enemy is the EU organization. But I suppose, we’ll just have to wait and see, since we’ve now moved onto Shirayuki’s arc. This time, the focus is on Shirayuki and Durandal. As we already noted that the famous characters of literature are shown with Arsene Lupin and Sherlock Holmes, Durandal appears to be another nod to a piece of literature, Durandal, where the main character is a knight crusader who is bestowed with a legendary sword, Durandal. I suspect that we will be seeing another character who will most likely be the descendent of a knight, but who knows?


By the way, Shirayuki is my favorite character, and then Reki, who has yet to make more appearances… (I want to see more of Reki!)


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