Sengoku Otome 07 ~ Yuri!?

The beginning of yuri!

Well, this particular episode of Sengoku Otome ~Momoiro Paradox~ had me laughing so hard that I could barely breathe, with all the quirks and antics of the turned-actresses! First off, Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, and Hideyoshi are starting to brainstorm for a yearly event for the people of the province. Both Nobunaga and Mitsuhide initially think of a miko dance, but Hideyoshi offers her suggestion: a play for the people. Nobunaga is very interested, and so decides to make Hideyoshi in charge of the play and the event. From there on, the hilarity and yuri drama ensues…

One of Shiro's ideas involving Tokunyan. Cute!

In the midst of thinking up a script for the play, Shiro suggests his ideas, all of which involves all the characters willing to do perverted acts with him. Of course, Hideyoshi beats up Shiro for suggesting all these lecherous ideas, and goes to each character for ideas to no avail. Here’s where Yoshimoto comes barging in on Hideyoshi’s worries, declaring that she is the most suitable to help when it comes to the arts and revealing her own collection of plays and literature. Amongst her own collection is one of her own written work involving, (you guessed it!) yuri. While I do love yuri, I just couldn’t help but laugh at the surreality of all this yuri development. Oh, Yoshimoto, I’m very much interested in reading your work!

Oh, Yoshimoto!

This is your chance, Akerin!

And so, with Shiro’s and Mitsuhide’s (who was eavesdropping and eager for a chance to get together with her lord…) votes for Yoshimoto’s work, the script has been decided and they proceed to complete the stage and start rehearsals…

The ever-going-on rivalry of Kenshin and Shingen, lol.

Now, now, Tokunyan, be patient and calm...

Down, boy, down!

With the successful (somewhat?) rehearsals completed, each of the character then approaches Hideyoshi in various ways wishing to add or become a bigger part of the play. The antics and thoughts of each character are just so fun to see! Take a look for yourself:

There's no need to blush when bribing Hideyoshi with food!

One of my favorite characters! Kenshin looks so handsome with the flower...

Yoshimoto gets into cosplay for the play!


Your devious thoughts are leaking out...

Tokugawa’s idea is by far the most devious, since she wants to conquer the land after beating Nobunaga (which sorta happened in history, with Tokugawa Ieyasu biding his time, while Nobunaga Oda was conquering the land). Tokunyan is my favorite, then Kenshin for her cool personality. ^_^ Anyway, the day arrives and from the start, the play starts to spiral out of control with resulting hilarity and yuri fanservice!

Akerin looks on as Nobunaga gets with Hideyoshi...

Clueless to Akerin's mishap, she continues on!

Kenshin x Shingen appears to be very popular with the people... And for good reason!

An explosive display!

The play ends up in flames (literally!) as Hanzou fumbles and accidently sets fire to the stage, ruining Tokunyan’s plan and earning her wrath. Despite this, the play was a success amongst the people and the day ends off on a very good note.

Didn't realize those kind of glasses still existed in anime. Been a while!

Bumbling Hanzou is punished by Tokunyan for ruining everything!



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2 responses to “Sengoku Otome 07 ~ Yuri!?

  1. Yi

    I loved this episode as well! It made me chuckle more than a few times. Tokunyan’s devious and mean sides always make me smile. The yuri is so surreal indeed; it’s kind of funny yet delicious at the same time. ^ ^ I really enjoyed both the harem scene and the Kenshin seduction scene.

    p.s. Tokunyan’s my favorite too.

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