Makibi Kiyone ~ A Down-to-earth, Strong Woman!

Hello, everyone. I thought that I’d start doing some character posts as I entertained the thought very briefly in one of my previous post. In keeping up with my most recent post, I decided to go with one of my top favorite characters from before the year 2000, Makibi Kiyone (真備  清音) from Tenchi Muyo!

The serious, hard-working Kiyone...

And the dazed, cute Kiyone! >_<

Makibi Kiyone is a first-class detective for the Galaxy Police (GP) in Tenchi Universe. She would have probably had a much higher rank within the GP, if not for being paired with the incompetent, airheaded Mihoshi, who gives Kiyone much grief and suffering. Despite Mihoshi’s bumbling, Kiyone does still care for her and even admits that her life wouldn’t the same and boring without Mihoshi around. It was for this reason that she came to Earth to find Mihoshi and the criminal, Ryoko. Certain events happened (watch Tenchi Universe if you want more details), and Kiyone ends up staying on Earth and sticking with Tenchi and the girls.

A brief history of how Kiyone came into being: Kiyone was a character from a spin-off novel entitled, One Visitor After Another: Hexagram of Love, by Naoko Hasegawa. The character Kiyone gained a lot of popularity among fans – which became the reason for her appearance in the Tenchi anime series (and for good reason!). The Tenchi Muyo! OVA, Mihoshi Special, is the first anime that Kiyone appears in. In the Mihoshi Special, Kiyone and her partner, Mihoshi, were given a assignment by the Galaxy Police to retrieved back a stolen “Ultra Energy Matter” and rescue a kidnap Galaxy Police officer, Tenchi, from a evil space pirate named Ryoko. Her success in that OVA eventually led to her appearance in Tenchi Universe, launching her into fame amongst the fans of Tenchi Muyo!

The many sides of Kiyone!

Kiyone is best described as quiet, calm, fearless, ambitious…and unlucky, as she can never seem to get a break in life (though most of that is due to Mihoshi’s clumsiness). She also appears to be the only one of the six women (the others being Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Washu, and Mihoshi) who never shows much “emotion” towards Tenchi Masaki, and sees him more as a companion and friend than as someone to lust after. She also acts as the “collective conscience” of the group when in times of trouble which happens quite frequently in this series.

All right! Time to start working!

What a mess you guys made...

Kiyone is dedicated to her work, and early on when the troubles surrounding Ayeka, Ryoko, and the Jurai Government get worst, all Kiyone can think about is her position in the GP. However, her job doesn’t completely own her life, as one of her favorite things to do is swing by the local karaoke club and let that wonderful voice of hers loose (Yuri Amano is Kiyone’s seiyuu, never really heard about her before…). 🙂

Pop star versions of Kiyone and Mihoshi!

Kiyone is, in my opinion, one of the all-around loveliest of the Tenchi Muyo! characters. At 5 feet, 8 inches, she is the tallest of all the main characters in the series, with wonderful, long, teal-colored hair that she prefers to wear in a rather casual style. Her face and body are seamlessly beautiful (not bad for a character who was created a long time ago!) and her personality is the best of any anime character in my opinion!

Obligatory fanservice!

Obligatory stats and wallpapers:

English Full Name: Kiyone Makibi
Japanese Full Name: 真備  清音
Romanji Full Name: Makibi Kiyone
Age: 23
Blood Type: A
Height: 174 cm./5′ 8″
Measurements: 88-65-90
Family: Mihoshi (partner)
Occupation: First-Class Detective with the Galaxy Police
Hobbies/Interests: Karaoke, Fishing
Special Powers/Qualities: Ability to put up with Mihoshi, Arguably the most intelligent of the main characters aside from Yosho & (obviously) Washyuu, Common sense, Her work determination and bravery, A down to earth girl, and so much more!

Well, have you fallen in love with her yet?



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9 responses to “Makibi Kiyone ~ A Down-to-earth, Strong Woman!

  1. MkMiku

    Thx for the insightful information! Tenchi Universe was my favorite of the Tenchi series, and now I know why. Makibi Kiyone is amazing! I think it’s safe to say she was one of my first anime crushes. >.< I thought she appeared in GXP, but I guess not.

    • She was also one of my first anime crushes, too! 😀 She didn’t appear in GXP, but she did appear in the movies, Tenchi Muyo! in Love and Tenchi Forever!, Pretty Sammy, and Tenchi in Tokyo.

  2. tsurugiarashix

    Interesting post. Also had a slight crush on her..well her and Ayeka slightly. Still wish they would bring back some the good old series like this one.

  3. Wow. Just stumbled upon your site and what do I find? Posts on Cowboy Bebop and Tenchi Muyo! Wonderful!

    Kiyone was probably the first anime character that I really became a fan of. She remains a favorite of mine today. Maybe she’s compelling because she’s down to earth and NOT into Tenchi. Also, the headband. 😛

    • Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Ahaha. I forgot to mention that the headband is another big reason for my crush on her. Her style of clothing and fashion are so nice and pleasing to look at. I knew that I was forgetting something in my post!

  4. Timotheus "Pharaoh" Gordon

    I love Kiyone for this simple fact: I think she’s the only woman in the series who doesn’t have a crush on Tenchi or wanna have sex with him. Add the fact that she’s determined to get the job done and has healthy amounts of swag too.

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