RIP Kawakami Tomoko

One of my favorite female seiyuu, Kawakami Tomoko, has passed away at the young age of 41 after a long battle with an illness. She was the seiyuu for Kamio Misuzu from Air, Athena Glory from ARIA, Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade, Kurata Sayuri from Kanon, and so much more. She has had a long diversified career in anime and will surely be missed. Rest in peace…



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6 responses to “RIP Kawakami Tomoko

  1. tsurugiarashix

    Heard about this last night around my time on Anime News Network. I remember her roles the most from Chrono Crusade and Darker Than Black (voiced Amber). She will be missed indeed.

  2. Great work in AIR, I have to say. Sad to see her go at 41, so young.

  3. It’s a real shame, I never really picked up on her name until now, but I loved her voice in both Hikaru no Go and Revolutionary Girl Utena. She always sounded really emotive and involved with her characters, and was obviously capable of carrying a high profile series. I’ll miss listening to her.

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