The Main Tool of my Blog… Fallen.

Well, this sucks. The main tool of my blog, my laptop, has malfunctioned and now refuses to boot up. I did have some posts written up, but I was going to search for relevant pictures to add to them until yesterday when my laptop suddenly churned out a screen saying that I need to repair my laptop by putting in a Windows 7 and so forth. Attempt made, and failed. Still kept going to that screen. Argh, I was planning to back-up all the pictures and videos accumulated over the past month today, but now my laptop turned against me right before my planned back-up session… If anyone’s interested in helping out or offering suggestions, my laptop is running Windows 7 64-bits and the error status is ‘0xc000000e’. For now, I’m mainly going to start using my Twitter and Tumblr for short, brief postings while my far more technology-savvy friends in the University of Washington help me to figure out the problem and then eliminate the problem. Ugh, worst timing for my laptop to malfunction on a Friday and possibly for the rest of the Fourth of July weekend…

P.S. I got an invitation to Google+, thanks to a connection to a staff member part of the developing team for it. For those who don’t know, Google+ is like Facebook, but so much better now that I’ve been using and checking it out. So, do let me know if you have one as well and if you’d like to become friends in circles!



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10 responses to “The Main Tool of my Blog… Fallen.

  1. I don’t know if you already tried this–why not try to run your Windows using the safe mode platform. From there, you can save the your files then after that just format your computer and reinstall your OS.

  2. Well, I did try using safe mode, but it didn’t work and kept going back to the screen that I mentioned. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway! At this rate, it looks like I might lose all my files after all… But a good friend, who has a Ph.D in Computer Science and a strong background in IT, has kindly offered to help me try to recover the files, so maybe I’ll have better luck and hopefully I’ll get back on track with blogging and watching anime.

    BTW, for those wondering how I wrote this post and am still able to reply, I’m using a public computer about a 20-minutes walk away from my dorm… At least, the silver lining is more exercise for me (even if it get tiresome and bothersome at times)!

  3. Oic… one last suggestion though, why not reinstall your Windows OS, at least with this you can overwrite the corrupted executable files. But yeah, hopefully your friend would be able to retrieve your files and fix your PC.

    PS 20-min walk is a good exercise. ^^

    • I think I can reinstall the Windows OS, but not sure how it’ll turn out. We’ll see later probably on Wed, since I’m busy and going out both today and tomorrow, today being the Fourth of July and tomorrow visiting Digipen, a video game company.

  4. tsurugiarashix

    I been hearing about that problem alot, since the SP1 release and a whole lot of bluescreen errors. If you installed SP1 it is most likely the dumping error everyone is pissed off with. The only way to fix that, if possible, is to rollback the changes (or if a Registry Dive if you know what to spot), but sounds like you can not attempt that or may not be the issue. I won’t suggest anything else since I can’t see it.

    Wish I could take a look at it, since I would be able to identify the issue clearly, but yeah, think your friend should be able to help. Seems like I can’t help you remotely even if I wanted too. I had the error happen on my 32bit System, but my Windows 7 64 bit system only my other laptop seems fine. Hope you get it fixed.

    PS: I am not too big on the whole social networking thing (even considering shut downing my facebook, lol) and don’t even use it since I do not know a whole lot of people, but if I check it out I will let you know.

    • Checking into that SP1 problem, it certainly does sound like my problem, although it seems to be more common with Windows Vista and far less common for Windows 7. It could be that my version of Windows 7 is a rare affected case. Like I said in a reply to abscissa, I’ll probably check it out later since I’ll be busy both today and tomorrow, for the Fourth of July and visiting Digipen. Thanks for the help!

  5. Oh, don’t have Google+, but have configured my website to support it. 😛
    I’ll have to wait until the beta is over I guess. 😛

    • Oooh, nice. I think that Google is going to open it up to double the number of testers and then stop it. I don’t know much, plus I haven’t been on the Internet much lately and resorted to using my smartphone, which is very lacking by way of anime materials…

      BTW, to let everyone else know, still haven’t gotten laptop fixed. Apparently my problem is an unusual case…

  6. Yi

    I’m not tech savvy at all, so whenever my laptop dies, I get really frustrated too. (Last time it happened was about 10 months ago… Sent me into a panic.)

    Anyway, can’t help much, but best of luck!

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