Chronological Record #1 ~ My Own Style of Watching Anime

If you think that this blog has died out, think again. I’ve been real busy with college plus my animation (3-D, not 2-D, just to clarify and I’m terrible at drawing) project is really starting to pick up much faster now and will be shown in a premiere to a small community in about two more weeks (Eek. Must catch up on motion, lighting, and rendering!). But anyway, here’s a short post editorial, actually expanded with the passing weeks and me working on it a bit…

My post title shows what I’m writing about. When do you usually watch anime? Personally, I watch anime at different times depending on the atmosphere and mood; that is, there is a time and place for everything. The reason why I do this is because I want to enhance my watching experience and enjoy anime much more. For instance, Blood-C is nice to watch at night because of the whole dark feel and bloody violence, and Usagi Drop is nice to watch during the morning or afternoon when it’s calm and has a light-hearted sunny atmosphere. Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, in my opinion, would be nice to watch during late afternoon or early night due to the Industrial Revolution feel (I’m not sure how to describe it, but this was the best I could come up with). And The iDOLM@STER would be fitting for dusk, just when the sun is setting and when the glamor of the budding idols begin to shine.  However, there are some series which could be watched anytime since they have a different feel, of which I speak of, of course, Mawaru Penguindrum. Mawaru Penguindrum is a completely different series, and it has so much variance of atmosphere and mood in it, making it suitable to watch almost anytime.

And then there are times when you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks while watching anime (which I do very often, I must confess). Eating French food or Japanese food while watching Ikoku Meiro no Croisee does give a rather strange, but pleasant mood (try it!). And there was a freakish coincidence when I was eating curry when watching episode 3 of Mawaru Penguindrum. I assure you that I had no idea that curry would be a theme in this particular episode, and the curry that I ate became much more delicious (even it was just your average microwave curry…). Pocky, the ubiquitous Asian chocolate snack, is a great snack to munch on for every particular series, I daresay, since it’s a nice filler snack to pass the time and enjoy anime. It’s rather like eating popcorn at a movie theater making the experience much more enjoyable, wouldn’t you say? ^_^

Finally, there are the times when you watch an anime series with someone else, say a family relative, a friend, or a boyfriend/girlfriend. I have little experience with this, having only watched anime together with people in an anime club in high school which was … lacking. But there’s no doubt that it would be nice to watch anime with someone and be able to enjoy anime, even if it is frowned upon sometimes by the ignorant people who consider it childish and cartoony. Nevertheless, being able to talk and share your reactions immediately while or after watching an anime must be extremely gratifying as it will be fresh in your minds. But who am I to say? It would be nice and insightful if you guys have any experiences to share, so do share your experiences in the comments.

Now, I realize that for many people (or you ani-bloggers!) it’s unrealistic to be able to watch some anime series at certain times due to schedule conflicts in real life (college, work, etc.), but I do feel that it does give more satisfaction and more enjoyment to watching anime for me.

What bests fits your own style of watching anime? Or do you have your own unique way of watching anime?



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21 responses to “Chronological Record #1 ~ My Own Style of Watching Anime

  1. Ritsuioko23

    I watch it by myself most of the time. I sometimes watch it with my friend. If it weren’t for him I’d be lonely not being able to share my interests with anyone else…

  2. Off-topic: Pocky is awesome and your title font is awesome.
    On topic: I watch anime at any given time, but more according to the mood. Calm and good weather -> Ikoku, Feeling philosophical -> Mawaru, etc.

    Good to see you back, though.

    • Off-topic: Pocky is awesome and your title font is awesome.

      Agreed! Title font is Adobe Garamond Pro, if anybody’s interested. 🙂

      Calm weather is definitely nice for Ikoku, and I do agree with you about that. Interesting that you watch Mawaru when feeling philosophical. To me, Mawaru doesn’t feel so philosphical to me, more like a shoujo series to me. But I do understand what you’re saying, since there are some themes that are philosophical now that I see it and of course there are some strange nonsense in it which actually may have meaning.

      Ahaha, thanks! And I’m just glad to have some free time now to get back to blogging and make the most of it!

  3. Geo

    I think the same excact way to watch certains show during certain times

  4. tsurugiarashix

    Interesting way of looking at things. I do feel that different series are made for different parts of the day, but never thought about the food thing. Might have to try that (I am big exotic food fan and had nearly everything on this continent). I mainly I just watch anime when I have time due to college, but I do like to save specific series for specific parts of the day. It sort of leaves a aftertaste of sorts if I watch a on-going series that I do not have a epsiode or two for at a weird part of the day. Sorry if that makes little to no sense, lol. However, most series you named are exactly at what times I am viewing them, well, for Summer anyway. Mawaru Penguindrum and Baka Test are definitely series that can be watched anytime ^^

    Too be honest, I never watched anime with my girlfriend. We are both into it, but never together. That is mostly due to a lack of time, but it would be interesting to do. Always nice though to look through another persons eyes in how they do things, since it may contribute to my own viewing style.

    Very nice post 😀

    BTW: Been wondering where you have been. Glad to see you back, if only for a short time. I will be starting back next week or so.

    • It does feel like different series are made for different times, right? Most anime series airs late night in Japan (is this correct?), and I think that it would actually detract from watching them since it’s late at night and you could possibly be feeling tired or sleepy.
      No worry about making little sense, I understand what you’re talking about. It’s the same way with me, too. ^_^
      Another good thing about watching with someone else is that you get to hear more different opinions, and you might even learn something from each other (especially if you missed something in an episode). It would definitely be interesting!
      Yeah, I’ve been busy with an animation project lately plus I just recently finished midterms. And the project need to be finished in two more weeks, not to mention the finals as well at the same time. To be honest, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to blog for the next 2 weeks, but we’ll see. ^_^

  5. Personally, I think that the time of day doesn’t really affect how I watch anime. However, I kind of get what you’re saying with the food thing. As a general principle, I try not eat food while I’m watching anime (I usually watch Starcraft videos or something) because I don’t like to split my concentration for either one (food’s pretty important, you know!). I’m a little torn about watching anime with other people. On the one hand, I agree that it’s nice to be able to immediately discuss things with other people, but on the other hand, I find that I tend to talk a lot when I’m watching with others, which makes me afraid that I bother them.

    • Ahaha, in some cases food is certainly more important and for some food you do need to be careful! (Like piping hot ramen and being careful not to spill it else you’d get burned.) I don’t alway eat food when I watch anime; it’s more like I consider my mood and whether I feel hungry or just need to pass the time doing something productive.

      Discussing an anime series immediately after watching is pretty nice, and if you’re afraid that you’ll bother people when you talk a lot, you could always try to warn them beforehand about your habit. ^_^

  6. Some anime do feel like they really have they’re certain schedules that maximizes the viewing experience. The atmosphere is really a big factor because it pulls us to engage what the anime has been showing to us. But in general, I always find it best to watch something when it’s dark and cold, so usually at night. Right now all of the anime that I’m following are watchable in any time of the day—as long as it’s dark and cold. Lately, if there’s one anime that strictly follows a timezone for me, that’s Aria. I find it watchable only before I go to bed.

    • Oooh, Aria, eh? I really want to watch that anime again… Especially since I recently just finished the manga for it. Aria is certainly a nice show to watch before going to sleep because of its quiet and gentle atmosphere, and it’s so lulling….

  7. MkMiku

    I mostly watch anime at night. I used to do this because it was quiet and peaceful and no one would bother me, but now it’s the only time I have (I also write my blog posts at this time, so I have to choose between one or the other).

    I was just thinking about Pocky, when you mentioned it in your post. XD Recently, I was re-watching Ga-Rei: Zero and I must admit it felt pretty cool when Kagura and I had Pocky in our mouths at the exact same time.

    I’ve had the fortunate experience of being able to watch anime solo and as head of a large club and I would say there certain benefits to either: for a goofy anime, watching with friends is priceless, but for something serious, I prefer watching alone so I can focus on the story.

    • It does feel cool when a food pops up in an episode right when you’re eating the same exact food at the same time, right? ^_^

      Interesting points for watching solo and together. So, I’d say that maybe a different anime series, take for instance Aria, it would be very nice to watch together with a select few people or your special ones since it has nice, cool, and gentle atmosphere. I suppose that we should consider how many people do we want to watch with or go solo for different pros and cons. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  8. Yi

    Wow, you’re so meticulous with your anime watching, even paying attention to the time of day you watch it. I usually just watch whenever I have time and am feeling like watching anime. And usually when I’m doing something else as well. Haha. Sometimes I also watch with other friends over skype, and that happens on whims.

    But I think I’m going to start doing what you do. Usagi Drop in the morning. Croisee in the afternoon, maybe even when I’m having afternoon tea and snacks. And Penguindrum in between.

    I’m excited for this already. Should make anime watching even more fun!

    • Glad to see you find this interesting and exciting! I should try drinking tea while watching Croisee as well…

      Also, a word of warning to everyone: do be careful not to eat the same food for every single episode of a series. I ate meatballs (I know it’s weird, and in hindsight, I didn’t know better) while watching most of the series, Kannagi, and now whenever I watch it or a related OVA, I remember the smell and taste of meatballs… A weird experience ingrained with Kannagi…

  9. I definitely choose specific times of the day to watch different series’. I could never watch something like ‘Berserk’ or ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ in the morning…it just wouldn’t feel right at all. It feels like they’re made to be seen at night. (‘Cowboy Bebop’ is usually wonderful for a rainy day.)

    There are other shows that feel more fitted to daytime or the afternoon, though, like ‘FLCL’ and ‘Honey and Clover’. It also depends on the particular episode, though — even generally ‘light’ shows have atypical episodes which feel more suited to the night, and vice versa.

    • It is true that there are some certain episodes that fit different moods rather than the original series’s intended mood. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when an episode will have a different feel (but, hey, that’s what previews are for!), but that’s a really good point to keep in mind!

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