Return of the Dreamer… And Carnival Phantasm!

Well, I’m finally back home from Seattle after a 3-month long summer program and a successfully completed animation project (although the project could definitely need more improvements, but there wasn’t any time left…). Now, let’s get right into it: Carnival Phantasm. For those who don’t know about this series (or an OVA series?), this is a crossover series with the famed TYPE-MOON series, Tsukihime and Fate stay/night, combined together. This series will surely cater to any TYPE-MOON fan, because of so much good substance from the series that we have come to love. The only thing that doesn’t sit well with me is that there are sadly no characters or substance from Kara no Kyoukai, which would have made Carnival Phantasm so much better and satisfying.

Carnival Phantasm title screen

The opening of Carnival Phantasm has now easily become one of my top favorite anime opening of all time. I mean, just look at the cast and the dancing scenes! Plus, I had to laugh at the whole absurdity of the opening and even some subtle differences in the opening.

The first episode, for the most part, focuses on the characters from Fate stay/night, and the Holy Grail War has now been changed into a game show, hosted by Kotomine Kirei and Illyasviel von Einzbern.

The Holy Grail War: Extended Special!

Oh my gawd, what have they done to the Holy Grail War!?

Yup, yup. *Nods in approval* (but it’s still so funny, anyway. ^_^)

The game show has the magicians and their servants participate in matches and compete for the Holy Grail. What follows next is a hilarious sequence of the Fate stay/night characters duking it out in some strange matches…

Archer being so confident in a card game… I weep for Rin.

Keep at it, Saber!

That’s kind of overkill, don’t you think, Berserker?


I knew that Caster was cute under all that dark aura and mood…

But I never expected her to be THAT cute!

That was a close shave with death… You should be focused, not waving to your master!

And you! You’re not supposed to spike the tennis ball that hard!

Well, it was to be expected, ahaha!

It seems like Lancer is the comedic relief in this episode, lol.

Poor Lancer, stabbed by Gilgamesh’s Noble Phantasm…

We shall remember your sacrifice, Lancer. *Prays*

Oh, how do you expect to play the King’s Game when we have two kings here?

That’s a shame… I was really looking forward to seeing what the orders would be…

Wow, is the game show really that hard?

Shirou, you will not be forgotten and you are a true hero! *sniffs*

I think you went too far, lol.

The next segment after the hilarious game show, courtesy of the Fate stay/night characters, now turns to Arcuied, who is now a mahou shoujo! Wait, what?

Oh, wow, a parody of Sailor Moon! I’m definitely sticking with this series!

Go, Phantasmoon!

The first episode of Carnival Phantasm has exceeded my expectation, being a huge TYPE-MOON fan, and I’m extremely pleased with the way things turned out. I will definitely keep watching this series, and if you are a TYPE-MOON fan, you really should watch this!

Oh, by the way, here’s the animation short that I was involved in and took up all my time. Enjoy! (As this was created by deaf and hard-of-hearing students, there is no sound and music.)



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12 responses to “Return of the Dreamer… And Carnival Phantasm!

  1. He’s back! He’s finally back! 😀

  2. tsurugiarashix

    guess I was not the only one excited enough to devote a post to this series, lol. It was really humorous with all the references involved and the characters from the Fate universe. And the opening theme is just so darn catchy, but just laughable. The twelve episodes are going to go by too quickly for me.

    As for the animation project you worked on, it is pretty good for the time that was put into it. I can not imagine how much time went into the small details. Well, guess it provides some experience of what the pros do.

    • Yep, Carnival Phantasm is definitely going to go fast. (I actually rewatched this episode 6 or 7 times…).

      The animation project could definitely use some improvements, and the completed result is actually version 34 (or was it 33 or 35?) over 2 months. It is NOT easy to do this animation, and it gave me an insightful look into the animation industry. I don’t think I want to become an animator at all, and I now have new-found respect for animators who do such grueling and hard work. ^_^

      • tsurugiarashix

        Well, still have some episodes to go, so that is a good thing.

        Wow, that many revisions? Although, I guess that would sound right, its not the pros in the industry get it right the first time either and they do spend time (years even) on one project just like for some of the pixar movies. Think I shall take a look into the process myself once I get graduate with my major and have some free time to check it out. Impossible with the time I and opportunities I have now.

        Oh and welcome back btw ^^

  3. I did not expect Caster to be so cute, either. Need more.

    Whoa-oa, whoa-oa, whoa-oa yeah yeah
    Whoa-oa, whoa-oa, whoa-oa yeah yeah

  4. Carnival Phantasm sounds fun, I might try it in replacement to the Summer Anime that I dropped.

    Also, welcome back Ephem D.! ^^

  5. Yi

    This looks hilarious!! Love the OP as well. So energetic and so full of funny movements from adorable Type Moon characters. I wasn’t too big of a fan of many of the Type Moon anime, but I’m going to make time for this.

    • Ahaha, yeah, it’s been really fun watching this series! Each episode is actually quite short, so it shouldn’t take too long to watch this series. In fact, I actually rewatched some episodes quite a lot. ^_^

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