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Mawaru Penguindrum 12 ~ Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary and his little lambs.

Well, I’ve decided on impulse to immediately talk about episode 12 of Mawaru Penguindrum after watching it. The events that has transpired within this episode have been revealing, yet still not getting closer to the mystery that is the Penguindrum. However, I would like to point out one core theme of this episode, or rather, the allusion to a famous nursery rhyme that we all surely are familiar with, Mary Had a Little Lamb, along with several other references. SPOILERS WARNING AHEAD!

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Ikoku Meiro no Croisée ~ A Tale of a Fragrant Flower in a Garden of Iron & Glass

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

With the days counting down for the Summer Season 2011 anime series, there are naturally several ending shows that will surely be missed. One of these anime series which I will miss is Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, where, amidst the iron and glass garden that is the Galerie du Roy, there is a fragrant flower that can be found there, and it is a young Japanese girl, Yune.

The story takes place in the second half of the 19th century, as Japanese culture gains popularity in the West. A young Japanese girl, Yune, accompanies a French traveller, Oscar, on his journey back to France, and offers to help at the family’s ironwork shop in Paris. Oscar’s nephew and shop-owner Claude reluctantly accepts to take care of Yune, and we learn how those two, who have so little in common, get to understand each other and live together in the Paris of the 1800s.

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Autumn 2011 Previews & Impressions!

After learning the hard way about the hard work and long hours writing up a seasonal preview for last summer, I have decided not to write up brief summaries. Too much hassle for me, so just click on the image above to enlarge it and see all the info condensed into one convenient image. The chart is from Chartfag’s Den of Lesbian Enterprise, by the way, a very good site for looking up charts of seasonal anime series. A brief explanation on my scoring system: they are merely a way of gauging whether I’m interested in watching a particular series. The titles colored blue are the series that I am most likely to watch (90% and above). They are NOT a way of determining whether I will blog about them or not. I may occasionally come out with some posts about a single episode or more since that’s my style mixed with editorials. And now I’ll just give my impressions below:

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REDLINE ~ Heart-pounding Wild Action! Also, a Tale of One Man’s Romance…


Last Friday night, after some thinking and consideration (plus I didn’t feel like trying to catch up with the current series since they just didn’t fit the mood for me, which was dark late night), I finally decided to watch REDLINE to see what all the hype was about. I know that this is late, but better late than never. One word to describe my experience: wild, scintillating, exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping, awesome action! Ok, that was actually six (or seven?) words, but one word just doesn’t do justice enough to describe this amazing, beautiful, visual movie.

Redline is about the biggest and most deadly racing tournament in the universe. Only held once every five years, everyone wants to stake their claim to fame, including JP, a reckless dare-devil driver oblivious to speed limits with his ultra-customized car – all the while, organized crime and militaristic governments want to leverage the race to their own ends. Amongst the other elite rival drivers in the tournament, JP falls for the alluring Sonoshee – but will she prove his undoing, or can a high-speed romance survive a mass destruction race?

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING! As this is a review on a movie (particularly one that has become one of my top favorite movies of all time), this post will be longer than usual, chockfull with pictures, filled with spoilers, and plenty of my impressions and thoughts. So, my recommendation and advice for watching this movie for those who shall stop here for fear of being spoiled, go into this movie with the intent of just purely enjoying the entertainment. No need to over-analyze anything the first time watching this movie. It’s awesome. Go. Watch it now if you haven’t yet. Then come back when you’re finished and read on ahead for my impressions!

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2DT’s Podcast ~ Marathon Magica

Code Geass x Madoka Magica crossover

Image source goes to 2DT, which in turn can be found in his post!

Hello, everyone. First off, I’d like to encourage you all to visit 2DT’s blog, 2-D Teleidoscope, as he has posted up a podcast, “Marathon Magica”, starring himself, Scamp from The Cart Driver, Foshizzel from Metanorn, and yours truly (*bows*).

As I have not yet listened to his podcast, due to my hearing aids sent away for repairs rendering me totally deaf now, I’ll have to wait until I get to hear how it goes. At least, 2DT has been gracious enough to offer coming up with a transcript for me. ^_^”

So, what are you waiting for? Go to his podcast now!


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A Look into the World of Entertainment … Anime Style


A glamorous star!

What image appears in your mind when the word “idol” pops up? Do you envision a glamorous, flashy dressed idol? Or do you imagine a more modest, elegant idol? Or, on the other far more extreme side, do you imagine a disgraced, former idol plagued with rumors of scandals? There is a wide variety of idols in the world of entertainment, and every and each one of them has his or her charm that draws an audience toward to him/her. Now, I am no expert when it comes to the business of entertainment plus I don’t even follow any idols (only merely reading bits of news), but I wonder what if? As you all know, the entertainment industry in real life has been plagued by corruption or scandals, but suppose what if… IF the entertainment business was more honest and straight-forward or to put it more simply, more… “pure”. The iDOLM@STER and Love dol: Lovely Idol! (yes, I actually watched and completed this series…) explores this concept, or rather, present the entertainment industry in a whole different view with very little sign of corruption or scandals, focusing on the idols themselves and their obstacles (there may be other series involving idols which I have most likely not seen, but if so, feel free to point them out as well).

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Azumanga Daioh ~ A Nostalgic, Quirky, Comedy Classic!

After a grueling first week of college classes and business, 7 straight nights of sleeping without a blanket or a pillow (necessitating the use of a beach towel and some sweaters to cover myself, which were uncomfortable), sending my glitchy hearing aids out to be fixed, and the moving-into-dorm process complete, I’m now glad to say that I will finally most likely to be able to have more free time as is custom for a college student. So that’s my update. Moving on.

Azumanga Daioh cast

One of the most well-known comedy anime series, Azumanga Daioh is a comedy classic that aired in 2002, quite a long time ago! As any experienced veteran anime fan will know (like myself), Azumanga Daioh gained a big popularity at its time due to its comedies induced by the multitude of the cast, with several characters with her own strange quirks and unique personality.

Azumanga Daioh is about high school life through the eyes of six girls with unusual personalities: Chiyo (the 10-year-old genius), Osaka (the resident airhead), Sakaki (the shy one prone to cat bites), Tomo (the loose cannon), Yomi (the short-tempered one) and Kagura (the resident jock).

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