Mawaru Penguindrum 14 ~ Yuri is Into Yuri

Yuri x Ringo

From pixiv artist, sao

Welp. Her name really should have been obvious to me, being a great lover of yuri. But, holy moly, this episode pushed most of my buttons in alluring ways, and this was one great episode! Unfortunately, I do not have much to say about any symbolic moments in this particular episode, nor do I have anything to add to the theories surrounding Mawaru Penguindrum. Do check out the more insightful posts from The Untold Story of Altair & Vega, Draggle’s Anime Blog, and Beneath the Tangles. I’ve been very busy lately with planning two college events, helping my students to review for an upcoming midterm, studying for my own midterms, reading and doing research, and writing papers. That’s why I haven’t been on Twitter lately, and I haven’t the time to come up with a decent editorial the past weekend. So, here’s a short filler post filled with my various reactions to this episode, and it looks like I’ve unintentionally started doing Mawaru Penguindrum episodic posts now. 😛

Slick car.

Some very nice animation and a nice slick car...

Ringo tearing up.

Oh, dear...

Ringo crying.

I feel really bad for her...

Pink and Turquoise scarfs.

Such a waste of woven scarfs with love in them!

Flowing scarfs

Flowing scarfs... Now where have I seen this before?


Masako is so sexy with her streamlined swimsuit.

Ahaha, oh, the embarrassment of using cheesy lines!

Yuri picking up Ringo.

The start of something...

Kanba and Masako

I wouldn't mind being in Kanba's position at all...

Out in the hot springs on a moonlit night.

Out in the hot springs on a moonlit night.

Damn, Yuri's so sexy!

Damn, Yuri's so sexy!

*Gasps* Yuri, what are you doing with the rope?

Yuri's and Ringo's hands.

We're going full-blown into yuri!

Ringo's disheveled clothes.

My yuri sense is tingling like mad!


Momoka is so important and integral to Mawaru Penguindrum. Makes you think what her role is...

Yuri's and Ringo's legs.

So tantalizing...


So Yuri wants to ruin Ringo's innocence? Rowr.

Kyaaa! *blushes*

Yuri and Ringo about to kiss.

Ugh. Freaking cliff-hanger!

Yuri x Ringo

Oooh, nice sexy end illustration!



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12 responses to “Mawaru Penguindrum 14 ~ Yuri is Into Yuri

  1. *raises eyebrow* This does indeed look like a classy show. I was never really that interested in it before, but now I’m rather curious.

  2. tsurugiarashi

    I know I should of seen that coming episodes ago, but I didn’t. I guess that is why I love this show ^^

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  4. I haven’t seen the most recent episode, but I believe you know how I perceived this episode (tweeted on Twitter). Although, we were surprised by Yuri by her yuri moves, I still don’t see her evil at all. As a matter of fact, I believe she’s another poor lost soul who’s affected by Momoka’s death. That’s because there’s something in her tears that I find so sincere and helpless.

    Anyway, guess I better download ep15 before your current Penguindrum post fully tempt me.

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