Chronological Record #2 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving yuri!

“Chronological Record” is just another term for journal, but I like the sound of this term, so we’ll just go with this for all journal entries from now on. No deep thinking or drawing connections here. Just regular ol’ journalistic entries that lists out my thoughts. Now why did I call this post a “chronological record”, you ask? Well, I’m not just going to bid you all a Happy Thanksgiving and then just leave it at that; it’s to announce some things about my blog and get out some thoughts on the process of writing. Of course, I will also shout out some thanks to some people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting this year!

Miku Christmas

Wait a sec. What's a Christmas pic doing in a Thanksgiving post!?

First off, I’d like to announce that, after hearing whispers and announcements about, I have decided to partake in the ani-blogging equivalent of the “12 Days of Christmas”. This series of 12 posts will be about the top special 12 anime-related moments of this year that stood out to me, starting on December 13th and ending on December 25, merry Christmas! So do look forward to these posts as I attempt to finish some of them beforehand to reduce my workload. ^_^

Rozen Maiden thanksgiving

Secondly, I haven’t quite been able to get back into my regular blogging schedule for some time due to my long-overdue needed Thanksgiving break vacation. This week-long vacation is actually the longest vacation I have ever had this year so far (the longest being previously 3 days…). Needless to say, I’m thoroughly feeling refreshed and content with being able to play video games, going to events with my family, catching up on some recorded TV series or movies (Psych, Fringe, Burn Notice, Chuck, etc.) and some good ol’ reading of classics such as The Odyssey and The Iliad (I’m at the stage where I’ve acquired a certain fond taste for Greek classics. Anybody out there have a good recommendation?). The trouble here, however, is that I feel so content that I’ve actually not been able to maintain my blog for some time. Worry not, for I’ve gotten more accustomed to my blissful, albeit ephemeral, vacation lifestyle now.

Shameimaru Aya

As my blog name indicates, Ephemeral Dreams, my publishing style is fleeting with a post here and a different kind there. Episodics, reviews, editorials, hybrids. Most often not, for editorials or reviews, I tend to write bit by bit each day before my self-established deadline. As a result these kinds of posts have quality. As for episodics posts, I tended to write impulsively because of the limited window in which people finish a certain episode and then goes off to search for impressions or connections written by bloggers. These posts have garnered mixed success, with some getting top views and comments or some very few or no reactions. Ah, but don’t worry about not commenting at all on the comment-less posts! (Well, I do wish more people would comment often so that we could add more quality discussions to the posts. Such a wishful thinking applies to all bloggers alike!) As such, it seems like my blog is widely varied from the specialized blogs, whether they be editorials, episodic, or reviews. Sometimes, I wonder if this style hasn’t been taking the readers for a wild ride, since they would not have any ideas of what to expect for my next post. I won’t be changing my style, though!

Touhou thanksgiving

And now, as it’s Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, it’s time for some shout-outs and thanks! Let’s see… I am thankful for my family and buddies and all the wonderful opportunities throughout my college career. I am also thankful for meeting and taking the courage to comment on several blogs plus interacting with Twitter buddies this year such as SnippetTee from Lemmas and Submodalitiesajthefourth from The Untold Story of Altair & VegaYi from Listless InkYerocha from Shades of Greytsurugiarashix from KaminariAnime, and so many others! (Do forgive me if I’ve left anybody out since it would take some time to list more… ^_^’) And I am also thankful for you, readers, for perusing my posts for some insights or entertainment!

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Oh, and I wish those of you planning to attend Black Friday best of luck!

Natsume Yuujinchou

Thanksgiving art!

Saber x Rin!

Kinda irrelevant, but still... ❤



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10 responses to “Chronological Record #2 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the mention. Sadly, my Thanksgiving was a month ago (because, you know, Canadian), but I’m sure I can find something good today.

    And for the record, there’s ALWAYS room for Saber/Rin.

  2. Happy (now belated) Thanksgiving! ^_^ Enjoy your vacation~

    I did the “12 moments of anime project” in 2009. It was fun but in 2010 I could only think of 8 things and just made one post for that =) I’ll see about doing something similar this year.

    I don’t know about Greek classics but I’ve always liked Greek mythology. I have this neat little book that has lots of Greek myths XD

  3. I love Thanksgiving, it gives me the time to sit down and catch up on anime! 😀

  4. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving too. Having a variety of posts isn’t any better or worse than specializing in a certain type, it just attracts a different audience.

  5. Aww Effie-chan, I’m so glad to meet you too! I know it’s already quite late but Happy Thanksgiving! I’m happy that you got your much needed break.

    Like what Nopy said, a variety of posts won’t hurt. For me really, what’s important is when you hit that publish button, you have no regrets. Also, I don’t really see any (big) difference between episodic and editorial posts–at least with the blogs that I often visit. Personally, I mostly read blogs which offer something beyond anime and I can take away something from it… not just purely discussing “anime” per se. Plus, I believe your blog is one of those.

    As for Greek books, The Republic by Plato, I believe, is a good read. I haven’t read the entire book, only selected excerpts. Anthologies of the Greek Myths is a nice one too. Btw, just like you I’m also planning to write my 12 Days Christmas. Good luck to both of us.

    • True, I have no regrets hitting that “publish” button at all, and I do enjoy writing in different styles. It allows me to get a taste of all kinds of posts and have a balanced diet for my blog.

      I actually just bought Great Dialogues of Plato at an airport the other day, and it had the complete texts of The Republic, The Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Ion, Meno, and Symposium. I’m really enjoying the texts so far. And I look forward to your 12 Days of Christmas posts. ^_^

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