Twelve Days of X’mas: Day I ~ An Idol’s Charm

The iDOLM@STER Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave to me…
A charming idol.

When I first heard of The iDOLM@STER, my first thought was, “This looks interesting and entertaining. I wonder if there’s any idol who I’ll like…” Needless to say, I have found my charming idol amongst the thirteen idols of the series, in the form of Miura Azusa!

A nice shot of Azusa!

Pink roses adorning Azusa!

Azusa looks so happy. ^_^

Miura Azusa is the oldest of all the idols, and as a result, has an “onee-san” atmosphere to her. She has a very carefree, gentle, clumpy personality, and her lack of direction often leads her to distant places getting lost. Her dream and motivation for becoming an idol is but a modest one; to find and fall in true love with her own special one. How nice and romantic!

Azusa's walk down the wedding aisle

Azusa receiving a ring from her true loved one...

Azusa cutting the wedding cake!

In the eighth episode of The iDOLM@STER, Miura Azusa truly outshined all the other idols, when her ditsy personality led her on a merry fun trip around the city winning the hearts of many people alike in an attempt to get back to where she belongs. It goes without saying that her wedding dress attracted quite a bit of attention. I can certainly say that this was one of the most enjoyable episodes I’ve watched this year so far, with Azusa’s charming antics and some nice action scenes from Kikuchi Makoto. Also, that amazing dance and song, “Smoky Thrill,”  in episode 5.

Cheers for Azusa!

Alas, the wedding day is far off in the future!

A charming idol, Miura Azusa!

I am so hopelessly endeared to Azusa’s charming personality, and I just can’t resist adoring her!



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12 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day I ~ An Idol’s Charm

  1. Waoh, so many pics!!

    Like ornaments on the tree 🙂

  2. No love for Yayoi?! That’s bad! 😛

  3. This is something I wished I picked up. However, I got prejudice on it when I saw the first episode. *sigh* Maybe one of these days, I’ll watch this.

  4. I love this series a lot I was going to originally skip this because I felt it was going to be another K-ON! Clone but I was way off! Seriously glad I decided to pick this up.

    My fav characters Miki, Haruka, the twins and Makoto! But really thou I like all of the characters, it is really hard to find one I can’t stand but yeah even Azuza is fun to watch ❤

    • I never got any K-on vibes from this series at all, but even so, that’s still a good thing! And I’m also really glad to have picked this one up.

      To be honest, Chihaya or Makoto were very close as well to becoming my true favorite idol along with Azusa. And I also truly cannot find any idol to hate at all; they’re all so great with their own charms! ^_^

  5. “And I also truly cannot find any idol to hate at all; they’re all so great with their own charms!”

    This is so true. The idols I thought I wouldn’t like have grown on me immensely. Personal favorites would definitely be Haruka and Makoto.. There is so much to enjoy in this series. I’m really glad I decided to pick it up on a whim… xD

    • From the start, the premise hooked me in right from the start, since I was quite interested in the dancing and musical parts. ^_^

      I did think that some of the idols wouldn’t have grown on me as well, but I’m really glad that this series proved me wrong and came up with such wonderful characters.

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