Twelve Days of X’mas: Day III ~ Altair, Vega, and Deneb

Senjougahara Santa!

On the third day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave me…
3 bright stars
2 adorable flowers
And a charming idol.

In this post, we now go to the roots of my unwavering, undying love for my top favorite anime series of all time, Bakemonogatari. But, wait! Didn’t Bakemonogatari air nearly two years ago, you say? It’s not so much as talking about a moment in Bakemonogatari, but more like the moment when I first heard that Kizumonogatari and Nisemonogatari were in production. It was actually on my Tumblr feed that I saw an image of what, at first, appeared to be of Bakemonogatari. On closer inspection, I noted with surprise some drastic character design changes with all the ladies, except Hachikuji Mayoi, of Bakemonogatari.

The Araragi sisters duo!

I immediately flew to my usual sources of information at the speed of light (right after reblogging the image, of course), and I then found out that a movie prequel, Kizumonogatari, and an anime series that appeared to focus on Arararargi Koyomi’s (Ah. Sorry, I stuttered. Araragi Koyomi.) younger sisters after the events of BakemonogatariNisemonogatari, were green-lit.  With a glowing heart at the prospect of seeing my favorite series back again for a prequel and a sequel, I decided then and there to re-watch Bakemonogatari.

Senjougahara Hitagi's first appearance.

Hachikuji Mayoi's first appearance.

Kanbaru Suruga's first appearance.

Sengoku Nadeko's first appearance.

Tsubasa Hanekawa's arc begins...

Ah, the good ol’ moments of Bakemonogatari… Hitagi Crab, Mayoi Snail, Suruga Monkey, Nadeko Snake, and Tsubasa Cat. Their great, unique, respective openings. The famous scene of Hitagi and Koyomi together under the starry summer sky with Altair, Vega, and Deneb, the stars forming the Summer Triangle. And the ending song, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari, complemented it so perfectly. It certainly was a great day for my Bakemonogatari fandom to be revitalized!

How nice...

Altair, Vega, and Deneb


Despite her fierce personality, there is a soft side to Hitagi!

One last shot of Altair, Vega, and Deneb.

And just in time for Nisemonogatari!



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5 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day III ~ Altair, Vega, and Deneb

  1. lovely series I loved all of the characters ❤

    YES! Now to wait for Nisemonogatari for winter! I can not wait for that xD

  2. I’m also looking forward to the movie and the new series. The only downside is that Hitagi cut her hair and Nadeko has a hairband now. I liked their old hairstyles.

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