Twelve Days of X’mas: Day VI ~ The Unnamed Flower on That Day…


On the sixth day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave me…
6 fond memories
5 magical girls
4 unusual penguins
3 bright stars
2 adorable flowers
And a charming idol.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (abbreviated AnoHana) had a strong showing in the Spring of 2011, and it really is a great, poignant series. This series brought back so many fond childhood memories for me, and it somehow felt so nostalgic to me. I enjoyed the drama and the bitter sweetness of seeing a deceased friend and her now grown up friends struggle over their memories.


Not like the popsicle I ate back in Taiwan, but close enough.

Going into the mountains.

Ah, I do remember going into the mountains with friends and cousins...


Pokemon is a classic, and I remember getting my first game, Pokemon Yellow.

Chasing after the firework!

I didn't actually really play with real fireworks; mostly with sparklers.

For me, AnoHana invoked a strong sense of nostalgia in myself, bringing me back to Taiwan (not Japan) amidst the hot summery air in the countryside. I was born and raised in the United States, but when I visit family in Taiwan, I truly feel like I’m at home there more than in the United States. AnoHana has had all the scenery that were so very similar and familiar to the scenery I’ve seen in my childhood back in Taiwan, and the fond memories of eating blue popsicles, going into the mountains, making a hideout with cousins (not like the one in this series), playing around near a river stream, playing Pokemon games, and playing with fireworks all comes back to me.

Anjou, Menma, and Tsuruko

Aside from the nostalgia, I also found this to be a very nice series overall, with my favorite character being either Tsurumi or Anaru. Their personalities are quite nice and realistic; Tsurumi is the quiet observer who keeps her feelings hidden from the one she loves, and Anaru is the insecure teenager who has lingering affection for the one she loves. With the exception of the strange moment with the crossdressing, I really liked this series for portraying the drama and relating each one of the character to each of them, and in particular, to Menma.

Menma, Jintan, and Anaru

This really was a very enjoyable series for me, and through its flashbacks, it brought back fond childhood memories for me. Plus, I do love the opening and ending!



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8 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day VI ~ The Unnamed Flower on That Day…

  1. It sounds like Ano Hana really touched on a personaly note with you. I live in the cold north, so I never had experiences playing around like in the anime. My childhood consisted of snow forts and snow wars in open fields.

    • I don’t really know why, but Ano Hana always invoked some strong nostalgia from me. So, it’s certainly touched me personally. ^_^

      Snow forts and snow wars? Aw, that would be such a cool experience to go through, and I want to try something like that!

  2. Ano Hana is my favourite show from this year and thats saying a lot. It touched me emotionally in places I didnt even know existed. I love this show and would recommend it to anyone that loves drama

  3. Nostalgia is indeed a big factor why I enjoyed this show. It’s always nice to have flashbacks and glance back to what happened before. I also had the chance to run and play in the forest like in Ano Hana. Every summer we were camping. Sometimes, I do wish to go back on those moments.

    • Such fond memories… I also do wish that I could go back to my childhood moments to have fun and enjoy myself when I didn’t know much better about the world. Such is the purity of a child’s heart! ^_^

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