Twelve Days of X’mas: Day IX ~ A Man’s Romance…

A celebration to commemorate Christmas!

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave me…
9 awesome race-cars
8 minutes of fame
7 legendary servants
6 fond memories
5 magical girls
4 unusual penguins
3 bright stars
2 adorable flowers
And a charming idol.

Here we come to an anime movie that generated quite a buzz in the ani-blogging community the past summer! Of course, I was late to the party as I was busy in a college summer program at that time, and nearly a month after the end of summer, I finally watched REDLINE.


Roars of engines, high tension, adrenaline-pumping action, death-defying maneuvers, sexy shots, and a romantic tale! What a delightfully great movie this was! It was so great in terms of its fluid, sleek animation that I kept going back for more. In fact, I rewatched the movie four more times after my first watch. It was that mind-blowingly entertaining!


So sorry for the outburst of joyous fandom. I’ve let my inner fanboy get the best of myself… Anyway. I won’t go into details on how this movie went or give my thoughts on this wonderful, beautiful, scintillating movie; I made a review post immediately right after the end of my first watch and I think this warrant no further explanation on why this became one of the top anime-related moments for me this year. But if you must argue about the plot, I will say that the plot is quite simple and while it may have some misgivings, this movie was still entertaining as heck, which is the main point and draw; to entertain. All you need do is just turn off your critical mind, sit back, and enjoy the race. 🙂



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5 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day IX ~ A Man’s Romance…

  1. Hell ya! Freaking REDLINE ❤ I love this movie so much I remember watching it with 20+ people over Skype there was a lot of cheering and shouts over voice haha but they were all towards excitement and praise.

    This is one movie I want to show my dad eventually, lots of action and ya I know random fanservice but at least it isn't HoTD levels…anyway this is a great movie like you said turn your mind off and sit back and enjoy the crazy fun of REDLINE.

  2. I rewatched the Yellowline and Redline races about a dozen times, does that count as watching the whole movie 4 times too? The visuals and blood-pumping action was amazing.

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