Twelve Days of X’mas: Day X ~ My Heart Has Been Invaded!

Ika-chan Christmas!

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave me…
10 squiddy tentacles
9 awesome race-cars
8 minutes of fame
7 legendary servants
6 fond memories
5 magical girls
4 unusual penguins
3 bright stars
2 adorable flowers
And a charming idol.

Oh, my heart has been invaded, all right. By Ika-chan from Shinryaku!? Ika Musume! The titular character has given us so many moments that are either Pixar-worthy, adorable, or just down-right hilarious, and here I shall list out some special moments that I’ve seen in this series.

Mini-Ika on a sailing journey.

Ride the wave, Mini-Ika!

An adorable flower dress for Mini-Ika!

A sweet reunion with Eiko...

There is the segment with Mini-Ika, who invaded all our hearts so successfully last season of Ika Musume, and in this segment, the journey of Mini-Ika sailing through the river and reaching the ocean was such a wonderful, magical journey. And there’s also another segment with Mini-Ika flying off on a paper, being carried away by a hawk, and being dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Throughout this segment, Mini-Ika explores her environment with cute antics. But there comes a time when she starts to miss her owner, Eiko, and she starts to look for a way back home. It’s rather difficult to explain these segments, but these are really best seen, and they are some of the best cute short stories that I’ve seen this year. (They are in episode 4 and 6, respectively)

Embarrassed Kiyomi blacks out her optimistic wish.

Now, now. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Eiko's wish.

Eiko... Wishing to get through your grade? How pitiful...

Another moment was the Tanabata wishes segment, where Ika-chan learns about Tanabata and writing wishes. Of course, lacking human reason, Ika-musume decides to write all of her wishes on her paper. Eiko berates her, and tells her to come up with just 1 wish. Ika-musume spends the rest of the time pondering and asking other people what their wishes were. Kiyomi was so cute here with her optimistic wish which she immediately blacked out right when Eiko, holding her wish, and Ika-chan notices something on the back of the paper (Aw, don’t worry, Kiyomi! They’ll grow…). It was cute segment that ended off with Ika-chan wishing for one thing: her own safety.

Ika-chan in a blizzard.

Off to the ocean!

Since it’s winter and nearly Christmas, I thought that I would end this post off with another Ika Musume segment, one that turned into an extreme situation! In this segment, the scientist trio comes up with another invention, this time one that can make it snow. With the hot summer air now replaced with cool winter snow, the gang are enjoying all the snow and warm food. But the invention breaks down, and what was a light snowfall now turns into a roaring blizzard. The gang is nearly trapped when they finally get back into Lemon Beach house, where the scientists says that they can turn up the heat. Going from one extreme to another, the blizzard quickly changes into a heat storm. Having enough of this craziness, the gang ends up going into the ocean in the summer atmosphere after all. This was one of my favorite moments of Shinrayku!? Ika Musume, and it was so funny to see the antics and reactions!

Ika-chan snowman.

While there may not have been some worthy moments, there are at least some gems that makes this series well worth watching. And Ika-chan will, in the end, invade your heart!



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5 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day X ~ My Heart Has Been Invaded!

  1. How did I not expect Ika when I first read that title?

    Watching everyone play in the snow was very cute, and an interesting change of pace. I also still can’t believe the wish Kiyomi made. It just doesn’t feel like her, but it’s still funny.

  2. IKA!! I love this series and season one was great ❤

    Those mini Ika episodes always make me smile seriously! She is just a tiny ball of moe and I can't get enough of the squid puns and De gesos, sad to see it ending next monday but ah well I will always have fun with Ika.

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