Twelve Days of X’mas: Day XI ~ A Fascinating Stalker

Gasai Yuno

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love for anime gave me…
11 future dead ends
10 squiddy tentacles
9  awesome race-cars
8 minutes of fame
7 legendary servants
6 fond memories
5 magical girls
4 unusual penguins
3 bright stars
2 adorable flowers
And a charming idol.

Mirai Nikki is another series that piqued my interest, one with an unusual premise: a game in which twelve players with future diaries participate in a free-for-all match to become the god of time and space. I have always had a fascination with the concept of time and space, so I was drawn to this series naturally. However, there was an unexpected surprise for me when I first watched Mirai Nikki. Gasai Yuno came onto the stage.

Bloody Gasai Yuno.

Gasai Yuno holds the Yukiteru Diary, which records everything about the main character, Amano Yukiteru. We find out that Yuno has a large abundance of love for Yukiteru to the point that she records everything about him. This is what we usually call a stalker, but there is another side to her as well; she is so obsessed with Yukiteru that he is prioritized over everything (except maybe her own life), and she won’t hesitate to murder or throw people away. All for the sake of her love and Yukiteru.

Yuno in a wedding dress.

It seems absolutely criminal that she could look so beautiful in that dress!

This love and obsession is what makes her so very fascinating to me, and an intriguing study of character. It is very interesting to note how Yukiteru reacts to her, and this series also showcases some situations like what if she turns out to be so attractive that it makes one forget about her obsessive tendencies (the wedding episode)? You never know how it can turn out with a stalker, and as they say often, love conquers all.

Yukiteru and Yuno

Though in this case, I’d say that Yukiteru is in trouble and he may very well be conquered…



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9 responses to “Twelve Days of X’mas: Day XI ~ A Fascinating Stalker

  1. Kai

    Yuno is so scary even most adults are afraid of her D; And she looks so deceptively cute at first too D; But that’s what great about her I guess ;D

  2. Ahhhh ya the greatest yandere ever created! Yuno! Just don’t get to close to her precious Yuki…or there is going to be hell to pay….I will always love that line of….good night Yuki…lol

    Nice choice! And Merry Christmas.

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  4. Yuno is a surprise for me too. She’s the loveliest yandere that I’d seen this year. Good choice.

  5. I love Yuno, she’s the perfect yandere character.

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