Blog Carnival Wrap-up ~ A Parade to Wrap Up the Night!

Fuji Choko is such a great artist.

The merry carnival finally ends today, and to commemorate the past week of great ramble and hubbub, we shall have a parade to wrap up this one long, fun night!

Yumeka mentions two categories of scoring: the head and heart scores in which the head score determines how the anime achieved the usual technical aspects and the heart score determines how she enjoyed the anime overall. This was a very interesting concept, so first up, we have the bloggers who have scored anime based more on the head score; the technical aspects such as story, animation, music, etc. along with a little extra spice to make it more relevant to them. AceRailgun brings up an interesting trend where people seems to always give 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s but never below. Nopy replaces the story factor with one factor with the condition that the anime must hold his attention long enough in his criteria, and Hoshiko brings up her criteria: story, characters, and ending in which she prefers that the anime be engaging and having a satisfactory conclusion.

Nice artwork.

Marina notes that the voice of the anime must feel natural and consistent to her, and that her ratings reflects the nostalgia experienced for any certain anime. Sam brings up another interesting important factor to consider: the age of the anime as in when it was released and whether its quality was consistent at its time. Mira says that to earn a 10/10 score, the anime must raise a new standard for her, and that nothing can top it at all. SnippetTee even goes so far as to draw up a complete statistical chart outlining what weights the most when watching and why she is entertained by the anime in the most general sense.

Another original art in accordance with the carnival theme.

Leap250 breaks her criteria down into categories using physics terms (which I approve!), and du5k has had a scoring system evolving over time, and his criteria changed from pure enjoyment to consistent quality to meaningful value. The great Overlord-G, late and new to the carnival, lists out his G-view rating system where he gives a numerical score first, then goes into depth about the anime’s content. Kai, another inspired carnival new-goer, scrutinizes anime strictly and always hesitates to give a perfect score believing that a masterpiece is one that sets it apart from all other.

Carnival artwork

Next, we have the bloggers who have scored anime purely from their hearts or souls, or the heart score. draggle uses Simoun as his only “perfect” anime series as a guide to what he believes that he will know what an A+ anime is when he sees it. Marow gives the perfect score to those that are a mixture of pure enjoyment and the whole overall feel of the anime, as is the case with Aria The Natural. flomu, a lover of Nichijou, says that there has to be that one moment that where he suddenly realizes that it would always stay with him. Two bloggers from the same team blog, @fkeroge and Valence, both gave their perfect scores in different ways, but from the same mindset of the heart, says that the perfect anime are the ones that they would never forget at all. Yi believes us to be connoisseurs of anime, and that the anime’s true essence or aesthetics lends itself largely to her perfect score.

A lovely carnival artwork.

And the night finally ends with me marveling at the wide variety and large subjectivity of all these various anime bloggers. For some, I could identify with very much, and for others, revelations and intriguing observations were made. Now, I still haven’t any slightest idea or notion of tweaking my scoring system, but I do believe that the points brought up by the carnival are very useful to note and may be of help to anyone looking to develop his/her own concrete way of scoring. Perhaps I may consider implementing several points brought up above later on in the future… I have to thank du5k of One Minute of Dusk for putting together this wonderful merry anime blog carnival and giving me a chance to interact with several anime bloggers!

The final list of all the anime bloggers who have participated or joined in later on:



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9 responses to “Blog Carnival Wrap-up ~ A Parade to Wrap Up the Night!

  1. It’s very interesting to see all the wildly different opinions that are present here. Of the ones listed, I would have to say flomu had the closest opinion to mine. My 10/10’s are usually defined by that moment you suddenly realize what it is you’re experiencing.

    • The wide variety is so nice to see, and we can get a sense of whom scores what and how they think. I think I have had a few times when I experienced that one moment, but it’s mostly when I go out to take photographs. ^_^

  2. hippiefreak

    I need to pay attentio to my fellow bloggers a little more. Maybe next time, I could participate

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  4. I find myself sticking to my own scoring system as well, but all of the posts in the past week have given me some insight to how others rate the anime that they watch.

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