Ephemeral Dreams’s First Anniversary!

Starry Sakura

Today, April 2nd, is the first anniversary of Ephemeral Dreams‘s birth! On this special occasion, I have chosen 10, in my humble opinion, note-worthy and memorable posts for you to peruse. These posts have been the ones that I’ve had the most fun writing, not to mention the great positive and warm reception of these posts. So, will you join me on a journey through Ephemeral Dreams?

Chi (土), Ka (火), Fuu (風), Sui (水), and Kuu (空) in Cowboy Bebop

Classical Elements

My very first editorial post, this post explores the theme of Japanese classical elements in Cowboy Bebop, an old well-known classic anime series. This was one of the most fun posts I wrote very early on in my blogging career, and the responses have been well-received even if there were few of them early in my blogging career. As a matter of fact, the administrator of The Cowboy Bebop Attic contacted me to ask about including this post amongst the hosted essays! Well worth reading, I’d say.

Mawaru Penguindrum 12 ~ Mary Had a Little Lamb

Mary and his little lambs.

This episodic post is from a time when I decided to try out my hand in episodic posts, experimenting with several different blogging formats. Although I’ve stopped doing episodics and moved toward to editorial posts largely now, it was a nice experience for me to see the hard work and stamina needed to keep up these kind of posts. As for Mawaru Penguindrum, sadly, I started blogging this series quite late, and I could not keep up the pace with only 7 episodes blogged. Of course, Mawaru Penguindrum is a difficult series to blog, but even so I still enjoyed it. So, do enjoy this post which gave me my first taste of shockingly large views for the first time in my blog.

Twelve Days of X’mas

SonoHanabira Christmas

Now who could ever forget this fun “Twelve Days of Christmas” ani-blogging project? This series of twelve posts looks back at the twelve top most memorable anime-related events of the year, 2011. A large project involving several other bloggers, I’ve enjoyed this quite a bit and hope you’ll enjoy these merry festive posts!

Aoi Hana ~ An Adorable, Sweet Yuri Story!

Aoi Hana title screen

If you didn’t get the SonoHana Christmas reference by now, then you’ll know that I’m also a huge fan of yuri as well! To whet my appetite for yuri on my blog, here we have a review post of Aoi Hana, one of the sweetest and gentlest anime series I’ve ever seen. If you’d like to know my thoughts on this yurilicious lovely series, do check out this review.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée ~ A Tale of a Fragrant Flower in a Garden of Iron & Glass

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée

Another one of my well-received reviews, Ikoku Meiro no Croisée is a lovely series that see the French and Japanese cultures clash together. I’ve truly enjoyed this series very much , if only because of the adorable relationship between Alice and Yune-chan. And of course, I had a great fun time composing and writing this review post.

Uzumaki ~ A Mesmerizing World of Spirals

Spiral Obsession

My first manga-centric post, this review post explores the Lovecraftian horror elements of the fascinating manga, Uzumaki by Ito Junji. A dizzying manga, this will haunt you with images of eerily beautiful and mesmerizing spirals along with the terror and misery of afflicted people. This manga is one of my top favorites, and I’d encourage you to read this, especially if you need to stay up at night. And as a person who usually gets very scared easily by horror, I have this to say: this is a very good manga to check out if you’re curious about or haven’t checked out horror. It’s seriously great.

The Sound of Life in Mushishi

Mushishi - Can you hear?

Can you hear?

Now, here we come to a post that explores a topic that I had great pleasure in writing, more so because I could relate to the themes in this particular episode of Mushishi, sound and silence. This episode was extremely enjoyable, and as expected from Mushishi, it had a superb storytelling element to it. I’ll not tarry any longer; read on to hear the sound of life, one that I may very well never be able to hear in my lifetime.

Katawa Shoujo ~ Coping and Living With Our Disabilities

Katawa Shoujo cast
A special collaboration post, Foshizzel from Metanorn joins me in sharing our own personal experiences relating to a visual novel that swept the anime community through a storm. Katawa Shoujo is a unique, free visual novel developed entirely by fans with its heroines being disabled. You might think that disability issues are a bit touchy here, but in reality, it’s actually very successful and the disabilities aren’t as big of an issue at all. So, I encourage you to take a look at this collaboration post, and also do check out Metanorn’s team post where I briefly jump in with my thoughts about this great visual novel.

Eight Minutes of Fame

Code Geass x Madoka Magica crossover

So sorry to borrow one post from the “Twelve Days of X’mas” series, but this post does include some comments from me about a podcast I’ve starred in, hosted by 2DT. This podcast discusses about watching anime with other people, and here, I talk about my experience watching Code Geass with my younger brother. Although 2DT has stopped blogging, he still leaves behind a great wealthy trove of posts worth checking out.

An Act of Love ~ A Gripping Connection!

A cute yuri couple for you!
Hosted by the lovely Yi, this post of mine looks into the act of hand-holding and love. I’ve had a great time writing this post for Yi, and I wouldn’t hesitate to write another guest post for her! Go check out her blog, will you?

… And here ends the journey through Ephemeral Dreams. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey, but it’s not over yet with several other hidden gems of posts and future posts! It’s quite interesting to see just how far I’ve come in my blogging career, as I have done quite a bit in just one year. So far, I’ve already starred on a podcast, wrote a guest post, hosted a collaboration guest post, appeared briefly on a team blog’s collaboration post, and even sang for a post. Makes me wonder what more I have left and yet to do in the future!

I know you’d just love to see the cold hard blog statistics, so here you go:

  • Total views: roughly around 33,000
  • Average post views per day: 150-170 (On a good day, can be 250-300)
  • Total post count: 90 posts (this makes the 90th post)
  • Total number of comments: 670 comments (390 comments excluding my own comments)
  • Total spam comments blocked: nearly 1,500
  • Most views by country: 1st – USA, 2nd – Canada, 3rd – Thailand/Britain

P.S. I shall be in the ani-blog tourney. 😉



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23 responses to “Ephemeral Dreams’s First Anniversary!

  1. Congratulation man, I still remember when you first started…

    /me enter in nostalgic mode…*__*

  2. I remember that this blog was around when I was just starting out. Hard to believe it’s been here for only a year, since it feels like you’re much more experienced than that.

  3. Congratulations! Here’s for what will hopefully be another great year!

    Also, great selection of posts. I’ve read a lot of them, and I highly agree.

  4. Congratulations Effiechan! So I guess you’re my senpai when it comes to blogging. More power to you and good luck on everything.

  5. CONGRATS! I had a lot of fun working with you on our tag post on Katawa over here and on Metanorn! Looking forward to reading more from you ;D

  6. I loved going through some of your previous posts – one’s I’ve read before and others I missed. I especially enjoyed reading that Cowboy Bebop post.


  7. Congrats man, I really like your style of blogging its very similar to my own. Here is to another great year of blogging

  8. Belated Congrats on your first year anniversary and I wish you luck on your second.

  9. Congratulation. Hopefully you can hang in there another year and pass that point a lot of blogs cannot.

  10. Yuuhi

    Congratulations on your first year anniversary!
    Since I’m new to your blog it was pretty nice to read the posts that you yourself hand-selected as being some of your favorites!

  11. I don’t really get to comment around these parts since our interests seem to be vastly different. Congratulations on making it a year. It seems like you’ve done well to start and I hope your around to do a 2, 3 or whatever year anniversary post you want to do.

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