Aniblog Tourney II ~ Prelude

Aniblog Tourney Bracket

The day after Ephemeral Dreams‘s birthday, a bracket was released. This bracket, the object of a great many affections and fears, will bring back together several anime blogs to compete in a prestigious tourney. That’s right, it’s the 2nd Aniblog Tourney bracket! Two years ago, psgels from Star Crossed Anime Blog overwhelmed the competition, continuing on to become the champion of the 1st Aniblog Tourney. In this new improved tourney, we now have new additions and some noticeable absences of previous competitors. And I shall be one of those new participants. Here in this post, you’ll not find any trash talking, but you’ll certainly see some commentaries, teasing banter, and a bit of a personal momentary conflict on my part.

The Aniblog Tourney is a tournament pitting several anime blogs against each other with the sole express purpose of encouraging higher exposure and readership for anime blogs. What counts in this tournament is not up to the bloggers themselves, but rather, the readers who will decide which blog appeals to them the most in terms of quality (not quantity!). There is no prize here, but the benefits from just participating in this tourney are great and well worth it.

Now before I give my own opinions and whimsical predictions for the AniBlog Tourney, I must ask that you, dear readers, at least visit both competing blogs in each round to read through their posts and then decide on your vote. And to the bloggers whom I speak of, I do hope that you won’t mind my opinions and criticism of your own blogs. After all, one of the tourney’s purposes is to allow for criticism and advice on improving your blogs. With that said, let’s get down to it!

Ace Railgun banner

In my first battle in group 8 of Green Bracket, my designated target will be Ace Railgun from AceRailgun, a blog of the same generation as mine. This blog deals with episodics and some occasional commentaries about blogging. Although there are some minor sentence structure and punctuation errors in his posts (nothing to worry about with a little proofreading), they are extremely short and straight to the point, which is one of his greatest points. Direct and quick opinions for readers. Another thing he got going for himself is that he has his own site mascot. I don’t have a mascot for my blog, but surely, every blogger must dream of having his/her own ideal site mascot, no? Although younger by 6 months, he does have some potential for growth. AceRailgun, I look forward to seeing your best shot!

Reverse Thieves banner

Should I beat AceRailgun, my next opponent up for investigation would be Reverse Thieves, a unique detective-themed team blog with two bloggers, Narutaki and Hisui. At first glance, they have a great streamlined theme with a variety of posts and podcasts that covers anime, manga, conventions, and news. While I cannot comment about their podcast since it’s fruitless for me to listen being deaf, I can at least say that their posts are more along the lines of news, information, and reviews. That is not to say that it’s not all raw information; this niche blog has a unique dual style of writing that makes the content quite interesting, though I do wish they’d interact with each other more in these posts. To be perfectly honest, I do believe that this blog will probably be much more of a challenge for me or AceRailgun should he beat and shoot me down in our first match.

On a different interesting note, I’ve actually won a holiday giveaway contest on their blog before. As much as I absolutely love all these great anime merchandise, don’t just expect me to let you slide on through, ok? Well… I could hold back out of gratitude and courtesy… Hmm, never mind. Narutaki and Hisui, I’ll not take my chances and instead go all out and dig up any dirt to use against you! (I jest, of course)!/EphemeralYume/status/157701381870993408

The Aniblog Tourney II will certainly be a sight to behold, with several prominent veteran bloggers returning and new rising stars participating for the first time. My most optimistic prediction about my performance is seeing myself advancing to the third or fourth round before being knocked out. As to who the champion of the Aniblog Tourney II will be, I honestly have no idea who it will be since the competition will be fierce and widely varied, though I’m fairly certain that psgels has the best chance of becoming the champion once again. And as a warning and cautious note, there will most certainly be drama again in this competition, so do please be careful of the effects and consequences.

For now, take your time and visit all these blogs, and who knows? You just might find some new favorites out there. The tourney will begin on April 15th with my match set for April 17th, so until then, go visit the blogs!



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13 responses to “Aniblog Tourney II ~ Prelude

  1. Now I need to come up with something witty to say in retaliation to the comment about my poor sentence structure. Don’t you worry I will be giving you a run for your money.

  2. Good luck! I won’t have my first match in the tourney until May but I’ll be cheering everyone on =)

  3. Good luck! I hope you’ll do well! You have potentials 😀 I hope we can pass 1-2 rounds, too…

  4. Nice job on providing a constructive criticism.

    Good luck to you and AceRailgun.

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