Pure Water Adolescence ~ An Age-gap Yuri Romance


Don't dwell too much into the meaning of this picture... 😉

First off, welcome! My Aniblog Tourney match against AceRailgun has arrived, and you can vote here. For those of you new-comers, you’re in luck as I just happen to have a compilation post all ready for you! Have a look at it, and do check out this post if you’re curious as to what I have to say about the Aniblog Tourney and my opponents. In the meantime, I’ll be talking about one of my top favorite yuri manga seeing as there’s not enough yuri here in these waters considering that I’m a huge fan of yuri. (i-i-it’s not like I want to rally up all the yuri fans’ votes or anything like that…)

Pure Water Adolescence

From one of my top favorite yuri mangaka, Kazuma Kowo, we have her best known work, Pure Water Adolescence. Set in a high school (much like all other yuri works), we follow a mature, sexy school nurse, Matsumoto, and a young, pure-hearted high school student, Nanao. In addition to the main storyline, there are also some cute short side-stories with revolving around Nanao’s classmates as well, one of whom has an unrequited love and another in the throes of jealousy. However, we’ll be focusing on Matsumoto and Nanao’s relationship here.

Summer Window Syndrome 05

Summer Window Syndrome 06

Nanao is secretly in love with Matsumoto, and in the beginning, she responds to Matsumoto in a tsundere fashion. Soon, they starts to get involved in a secret relationship as they are teacher and student, and Matsumoto find herself starting to worrying and rationalizing about their relationship given the large difference in age and experience. This manga is fraught with internal conflicts and small sweet victories throughout the course of their relationship, but in the end, it was well worth it for a happy ending.

Summer Window Chatting at Night 01

Summer Window Chatting at Night 02

Summer Window Chatting at Night 03

Summer Window Chatting at Night 04

What makes this cute yuri manga so appealing to me is that of the sweet interactions of this age-gap student-teacher couple, with Nanao striving to become an adult to catch up with Matsumoto. Kazuma weaves a tender, pure-hearted story around these two very different partners, and yet the age difference doesn’t seem to detract from the story at all. On the contrary, this self-consciousness of the age gap bring the two closer together emotionally with a stronger bond.

Liars' Engagement Part B 21

It is perfectly natural that a younger teenager would want to grow up to be an adult quickly so that she can stand with her adult partner evenly. But, on the other hand, the adult partner would want to maintain her composure and maturity, having the most experience in their relationship with the thought of needing to lead her younger partner. This disparity in feelings and experience is the main conflict here in the manga, and it’s told in a great way that makes this manga one of my top favorite yuri manga.

Liars' Engagement Part B 28

The art style is strikingly distinct, which I love very much. As for the characters, they really are so cute in their own way, with Matsumoto suppressing her adult love for the sake of pure-hearted Nanao. One main caveat I have with this manga is that it’s just too short with only 1 volume. I really would have liked to see more of Matsumoto x Nanao, if only because of the cute interactions!



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18 responses to “Pure Water Adolescence ~ An Age-gap Yuri Romance

  1. jreding

    “i-i-it’s not like I want to rally up all the yuri fans’ votes or anything like that…” Hahaha – you have my vote!

  2. There are so many yuri series out there that I don’t know about. I’m not usually up for romances with such a large age gap, but I might have to give this a look.

    • True, usually romances with large age gaps tend to be controversial or not so good and developed. I think that’s why I feel that this manga has done a very good job on the age-gap romantic relationship.

  3. I definitely have to read this sometime when I’m free, I love yuri works and my novel has a similar relationship between an older woman and a girl on the border to becoming an adult. Though I think you put too many pages about what happens throughout/later on, it kind of feels spoilery.

    • First off, so sorry if it feels spoilerish! The first two pages were from 1st chapter, and the 4 pages in the middle is a side-story that I feel really capture the feelings of the characters. The second last page was relevant to my post as well, and the last page is more of a wrap-up. I’m still learning how best to utilize manga pages into a post, ahaha. ^^’

      You should still give it a read since there are some other special and cute moments that I’ve left out, and I’d love to check out your novel as well!

      • I’ll let you know when it’s ready for beta readers then (will probably be a few months TT^TT can’t write as much with college crap ;A;) though I do have an unedited short backstory special (probably won’t be in the actual novel) that deals with the girl and the woman’s meeting if you’re interested~ ^^”

  4. angryaria

    As a teacher, I’m a little wary of reading student-teacher relationships. However, I’m a huge yuri fan, so this is causing conflict! I think I’ll give this a shot. As for the manga pages, why not just cut out individual panels or parts of pages that really encapsulate your message?

    (Good luck, you have my vote in aniblog!)

    • You had a previous comment similar to this comment, so I’m holding it for now. I hope you don’t mind this at all.

      Ah, I see. From a teacher’s perspective, it’s tricky and I wouldn’t know for sure. So, I would certainly like to hear your thoughts about this! And thanks for the tip and vote!

  5. Kai

    This looks interesting 😀 While I’m not too big on the teacher-student relationship, I may still check out this one 😀 Yuri manga tends to highlight the troubles and struggles of taboo relationships and this one seems to highlight it quite well, with their age, status and gender on the line.

    • Yuri manga tends to highlight the troubles and struggles of taboo relationships

      That’s true! Lesbian relationships have been viewed as taboo or strange at times, so I suppose that’s one of the reasons why this particular manga doesn’t feel too awkward at all since it’s already taboo in a way. Of course, that could be my naive thinking.

  6. I usually like my yuri stories down to earth and with mature traits. This one was a bit more on the fluffy unrealistic side of yuri. Itadakimasu by Yoshihara Yuki does a better job on the age gap part, though heterosexually, and Honey & Honey does a better job on the jealousy issue (they stayed inside because they didn’t want others to see their lovers? I mean, really? This doesn’t sound very healthy). Plus, I’m not that much for big age gaps relationship much more when they involve an authorative figure… and the immature Nanao that put her love first instead of her career is on the one hand a natural childish reaction, on the other hand I’m not fond of such women much. Not to mention not being understanding of the dangers of their relationship for Matsumoto… I, also, have the feeling that we didn’t really see their love blooming :/ there aren’t many sweet scenes that would help the viewer empathize, imho.

    I’m sorry for complaining that much… the art was nice though and I liked that oneshot about Matsumoto being sexy. It reminded me of a wonderful short story (novel format) with the title ‘The teacher is a woman’ (which unfortunately can’t find online to link…)

    • Don’t worry about complaining, it’s nice to hear something different for once. A little disagreement now and then is not so bad at all. ^^

      Itadakimasu and Honey & Honey are also both considered to be josei, so they may be catered to a different audience rather than Pure Water Adolescence, which would be a light shoujo-ai genre in my opinion. Perhaps, PWA is more suited for some light reading?

      I’ve nearly forgotten how Itadakimasu went, but I do remember that it’s a great manga for the same reason you mentioned. You’ve gotten me wanting to reread it! As for Honey & Honey, that’s a new manga title I’ve yet to hear about, so I’ll certainly check that out.

      If you do ever find that short story, let me know since I’d like to read it! 🙂

      • Oh, you ve read Itadakimasu XD So cool~~ Yoshihara-sensei most often than not rocks (I still don’t like her love triangle story =.= )

        Yeah, I guess PWA goes for a lighter reading.

        I think I might as well translate it and post it on the blog, but not sure when… I can relate it to PWA’s said chapter, too (just for the intro though, lol, it would still be a translation post hihi)

  7. Pure Water Adolescense sounds like a decent manga. While I’m not all that into teacher-student relationships, I do like yuri and its been a long time since I’ve read any yuri manga.

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