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Genshiken Diaries ~ From a Deaf Perspective

Saki and Ohno

Summer went by so fast… And it’s already autumn!

Well, it’s been quite a while, and the entire summer has already gone by in a flash! Working as a TA/RA/counselor/coordinator/student/etc. for a summer program for the deaf can take a lot out of you, and so it suffices to say that real life has taken a full toll on my online presence. Now that I’m back in college, time has finally started to ease off on me and I can now finally focus on getting caught up on anime. So, I apologize if I disappeared for about four entire months without leaving a message (but I did mention it briefly over Twitter!). Now then, as I have been unable to catch up on anime of late, I think it’s time that I make do on my long overdue promise to FoxyLadyAyame with her blog carnival, Our Genshiken Diaries.

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Blog Carnival Wrap-up ~ A Parade to Wrap Up the Night!

Fuji Choko is such a great artist.

The merry carnival finally ends today, and to commemorate the past week of great ramble and hubbub, we shall have a parade to wrap up this one long, fun night!

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Blog Carnival ~ Earning That Coveted Perfect Score

A merry carnival begins!

When I last looked on my MAL (MyAnimeList) list, it turned out that, out of my 284 completed anime, there were only 7 anime that have earned the coveted 10/10 score from me, which is an astonishing 2.4% success rate for a perfect score. du5k from One Minute of Dusk has put together an anime blog carnival, where a group of bloggers contribute to a topic, discuss about it on the posts, and write a round-up post at the end of the carnival. This anime blog carnival starts today, on January 9th, and will end on January 15th.

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