At times I may link images by others in some posts. If you see any images that are offensive or I did not give credit for, please contact me ASAP and I will either take it down or give due credit.

I may also link to my own photos from my flickr photostream, so please do not try to steal these photos and pass them off as your own, as that would be plagiarism. If you are interested in using a photo from my photostream for other reasons, contact me and we’ll work it out whether it be simple and free or complex and involving money.

This is highly unlikely, but I may also link downloads, those mostly not accessible in the United States or unlicensed.  However, in the event that I do link downloads and if for some reason, the contents of my links become licensed and I am unaware of this fact, contact me and I will remove the links.

Also, please do not ask or give links to download subs, raws, or PVs. Google is your best friend!


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