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Update on Ephemeral Dreams

Long time no see, and I have some big news for all you readers. Ephemeral Dreams has now officially moved to a self-hosted blog! The reason for this is because I’ve always felt like there weren’t enough customization for me to do, and gave me limited options. I wanted to be free to design my own blog the way I wanted, and now that has been achieved with transition complete. Plus, I finally have the domain name I wanted!

So what does this mean for this blog hosted on This site will stay up for archiving (and to ensure links from other blogs still link to here!), but I will be posting to my self-hosted blog from now on.

As for all you email subscribers, I put in a request to transfer the emails to my self-hosted blog, so if you got an email from my new self-hosted blog, then you’re good and do not need to subscribe again! If you didn’t get an email from the new site, you may need to subscribe again over at the self-hosted blog, so apologies for the inconvenience!

Well then, go ahead and visit!



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