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Pure Water Adolescence ~ An Age-gap Yuri Romance


Don't dwell too much into the meaning of this picture... 😉

First off, welcome! My Aniblog Tourney match against AceRailgun has arrived, and you can vote here. For those of you new-comers, you’re in luck as I just happen to have a compilation post all ready for you! Have a look at it, and do check out this post if you’re curious as to what I have to say about the Aniblog Tourney and my opponents. In the meantime, I’ll be talking about one of my top favorite yuri manga seeing as there’s not enough yuri here in these waters considering that I’m a huge fan of yuri. (i-i-it’s not like I want to rally up all the yuri fans’ votes or anything like that…)

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Uzumaki ~ A Mesmerizing World of Spirals

Spiral Obsession

I first heard of Ito Junji through the recently released Gyo OVA. Intrigued and somewhat amused by the premise of dead fishes on walking mechanical legs, I decided to check out some of Ito’s horror manga titles, which include the likes of Gyo, Hellstar Remina, Black Paradox, Mimi no Kaidan, and Museum of Terror. But one title in particular caught my undivided attention for its dizzying and mesmerizing premise: Uzumaki, literally translated as Spiral. So do join me in a powerful Lovecraftian horror fest and my first manga post…

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