This is a page for feedback about my blog. Feel free to comment and let me know how I can work to make this blog better, improve my writing, and appealing to a wider variety of audiences!

2 responses to “Feedback

  1. Because comments are better than Twitter.

    Even after a glance at everything, I can still find very little to suggest. I’ll go in sections.

    Design: The blue (for the links and such) matches well with your avatar, so that’s good. I was going to suggest brightening the background color a little, but as you said, you can’t do that with WordPress. That being the case, there’s little else here to change, since colored post backgrounds and texts can be a two-bladed sword. I guess the only other change for improvement that I can think of would be rounding some of the edges more. The right angle edges on everything can feel a little…”sharp” to look at. However, to the best of my understanding, that would require changing the theme, which is most likely quite a bit of work. And since the edges is hardly a critical issue, it doesn’t have a very high reward, either. Still, if you’re looking to spruce up the design, that’s the thing I’d suggest.

    Layout: Again, you’re already doing quite well here. To list the minor changes:
    maybe reduce the number of posts on page to 6 (so that it doesn’t extend too far past the sidebar),
    move the disclaimer and subscribe features to the bottom of the sidebar (there are also reasons for not doing this, but I’m just following the logic of “probably only gonna use those if they’ve read a post, or at least have scanned down the blog a little bit, so they’re more likely to be used farther down”),
    *IF possible*, put your categories in drop down boxes (I’m not sure if I’ve seen this feature anywhere else in WordPress, so you may not even have this option. I know it’s on Blogger, but…anyways),
    and lastly, (again, if possible), consider widening your page area (the entire white section in center) by a little bit. Your posts could stand to be about half an inch wider, just for comfort’s sake (okay, now I’m being anal, moving on).

    Writing: The most important part, and I have almost nothing to say here. Perhaps reducing the formal tone of your writing a *little* would be an improvement, but it’s hardly like you’re stuffy and overly-academic, so this I leave to your judgement. Your grammar and structuring (e.g. where you start new paragraphs) are both top-notch, so…yeah.

    Uniqueness: You’re one of the most unique bloggers I know. You need no help here.

    Versatility: Again, you’re doing very well here. You’ve already posted (on) editorials, reviews, news, visual novels, manga, and pretty much everything else. My only recommendation is that you do more! (I suppose you could wow us with some awesome deaf (or not deaf) music posts, but I leave that up to your discretion).

    Miscellaneous: You should show more hatred for Hidan no Aria (my opinion, for every blog).

    All in all, these are really, really minor points, and even I realize I’m reaching with a lot of them. Furthermore, these are just my opinions. Anyways, I hope I was able to be of some help, and I realize this is an ungodly long comment, so feel free to edit and delete as you see fit. Good luck, and I hope that whatever changes you decide to make (even if you don’t make any!) work well for you!

    • Oh, ahaha! I can’t stop laughing at Miscellaneous. I have no idea what I was thinking about writing the Hidan no Aria posts back in the early days…

      Design: I think I will likely change the design with these tips in mind if I ever go to a self-hosted blog, since doesn’t allow for much changing in design unless you pay for it. 😦

      Layout: I do want to widen the posts a bit more, but again, the limits have been set by unfortunately. However, I can change the categories to a dropdown box, but doing so kinda makes it unseemly. If the categories get too much, then I will change it, but for now, I’m content with it. 🙂

      Writing, Uniqueness, & Versatility: Ahaha, not much to change, eh? I did sing for a guest post once. 🙂

      And congrats for being the first to comment on this Feedback page ever. ^^

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