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Reciting Poems in Karuta


When it comes to playing karuta, in the end, it all comes down to the fastest player with precise, calculating movements. One critical skill for karuta is hearing, as players must go for a matching card upon the certified reader’s rendition of the karuta card drawn out. As hearing is very important, the reader must take care to recite the poems with care and timing so as not to interrupt the flow of a karuta match, and thus the reader is critical to karuta.

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Religious Motifs in Rinne no Lagrange

Rinne no Lagrange

The number, 3, is a unique number. It is the smallest balanced number, a rigid number from which one can begin to form an enclosed shape, most notably a triangle. This triple concept is very useful for structuring storytelling (beginning, middle, end) and enhancing the story making it inherently more satisfying or effective. Interestingly enough, you will also see many myths, legends, or religions in our world that involves trinity as opposed to a simpler, yet complex dual system, such as yin and yang.

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50 Questions

Mawaru Penguindrum diary

Ok, you got me. This was just too widespread and fun to pass it up, so I’m joining in on this 50 Questions bandwagon. Plus, it’s spring break now for me, so this makes for a fun light-hearted post for you to get to know more about me! Questions are from Ace Railgun, the start of it all.

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Uzumaki ~ A Mesmerizing World of Spirals

Spiral Obsession

I first heard of Ito Junji through the recently released Gyo OVA. Intrigued and somewhat amused by the premise of dead fishes on walking mechanical legs, I decided to check out some of Ito’s horror manga titles, which include the likes of Gyo, Hellstar Remina, Black Paradox, Mimi no Kaidan, and Museum of Terror. But one title in particular caught my undivided attention for its dizzying and mesmerizing premise: Uzumaki, literally translated as Spiral. So do join me in a powerful Lovecraftian horror fest and my first manga post…

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