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Chi (土), Ka (火), Fuu (風), Sui (水), and Kuu (空) in Cowboy Bebop

Ok, so I’m starting to figure out my schedule for this Summer Academy 2011 in Seattle, and it looks like I may be able to blog weekly. I’ve had time to catch up on some anime series, so there’s no issues with my anime backlog thus far. I have yet to finish most of the current anime series (have any of them ended yet as at this time of publication?), so reviews may come soon afterward, mostly likely on the weekends or whenever I have free time. I’ve also added a new page (long overdue, methinks), which lists my anime recommendations for those interested. But enough of myself; here’s an analysis post by yours truly about the appearance of the Japanese classical elements in an old favorite series, Cowboy Bebop. This post was inspired after reading a certain part of hearthesea’s post on the 10th episode of Cowboy Bebop (I know it’s been nearly two weeks since that post, and I must confess that I had started this post soon afterward, but real life interfered and all…).

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